Gaming Improving Your Gaming Skills: How Can Online Poker Help Your Home Poker Strategy?

Improving Your Gaming Skills: How Can Online Poker Help Your Home Poker Strategy?

Published By News Desk at October 26, 2017 05:56 am

Playing online poker has become a popular activity over the last decade or so, with the ease of logging on and enjoying a leisurely session (or a quick session on mobile during your commute) now a huge draw for gamers across the world. However, the social experience of home poker means that this type of poker game will also continue to thrive alongside its modern counterpart.

In fact, online poker could even help to encourage more people to enjoy home games as they have the chance to hone their skills in the online sphere. With online poker offering a number of different variants, not just the standard Texas Hold 'Em game, players can drill down and find the precise type of poker that suits them best before increasing their skill level and competing against real life opponents for serious cash - or just bragging rights, depending upon the nature of your friendship group! 

How Can You Boost Your Skills by Playing Online?

Of course, having human players playing against each other online means that you can get the hang, to an extent, of how people bluff in different ways. So, you may start to get an idea of how things feel in practical situations (like knowing when to fold and when to raise) and you may start to develop an understanding of the various personalities found around the table. If you come up against a poker player who's a "fish", for instance, you’ll learn how to exploit the potential naivety of a newbie to your advantage. As 888poker’s guide to different poker personalities explains, though, it’s crucial not to let personal ego get in the way when you come up against a beginner, since this can easily backfire.

Are these practical skills transferable to a home game taking place in a garage on a hot summer’s night though? The answer to this is yes. Being confident in the rules of the game, knowing the odds when it comes to how likely you are to win a certain hand, and just having the experience of playing session after session of poker will hand you that competitive edge compared to someone who only plays once in a blue moon. This will help you to master the physical side of poker. Gaining that confidence will allow you to create tension when you want to create tension, keeping "tells" that might give your game away to a minimum.

Get Your Head Straight: Preparation Away From Online

Those who play poker know that the elements of skill involved in playing your hand make the difference between winning and losing. Playing your cards with confidence is all about practice, as we’ve explored in this article, but it is also about fully understanding your own mindset.

Getting your mindset right has been found to help home players get that competitive edge. There are practical steps you can take, like understanding how alcohol affects you, knowing the way that lighting helps change the manner in which people play, and researching various other insights that you can't always replicate online.

The trick is all about supplementing the understanding and knowledge you have learned online with the tricks that come with getting your head in the right place and creating the most appropriate atmosphere for your next home poker game.