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The Best Fiber Optic Internet Services Providers

Published By News Desk at October 26, 2017 06:15 am

Just a few decades ago, who would have thought that we will be able to shop for our favorite items while going to and fro on our rocking chairs at home? Welcome to the world of internet! The world has lost at the hands of globalization and technological advancement, and everything we see today is being revamped to provide the people with something new and improved to cheer for.

When we talk about internet, the old DSL systems are being replaced by the most famous buzzword in town; fiber optic. This fast and secure internet service is being offered thousands of companies across the planet. However, when it comes to deciding which business internet service provider is better, people might get confused. Let us discuss some of the top names in the field.

The Best Fiber Optic Providers:

Verizon Fios:

With Fios being the acronym of Fiber Optic Service in the name, this firm has been in the business for a ling time now. Being the biggest high speed internet service provider in the States in terms of the area it covers, Verizon Fios offers some of the best rates to it’s customers, and has a number of different packages through which individuals and businesses  can benefit alike.


One of the few firms which is considered as a high speed internet service provider offering internet services through satellite system present somewhere in the southern skies, HughesNet offers it’s services to over 50 states in the US and the whole Europe. Moreover, it tends to be one of the best options for savvy internet consumers, who live in or near any of the rural areas of the country.

Charter Spectrum:

Being a combination of internet services and telecommunications otherwise, the Charter Communications was basically established as a telecommunications company. It provides it’s internet services under the name of Spectrum. The firm is one of the largest platforms for internet services, and it provides fiber optic services to over a dozen states in the US. Among it’s many benefits, an engaging one is that this firm offers a wide-array of packages, which can fit into the budget of every internet user and businesses alike. 

Exede Internet:

Although this firm was only launched 5 years ago, Exede Internet has become one of the best fiber optic internet providers in the States in no time. It was launched by the ViaSat Satellite Company, and has been offering a two year contract to it’s consumer since the firm was founded. Moreover, it has a range of diversified packages for it’s users!

The Bottom Line:

Internet has evolved dramatically over the past few years, and due to an increasing demand of high-speed internet, we see a business internet service provider in almost every city across the world. When it comes to the Middle Eastern parts, such as Oman, a company known as Awasr is considered one of the best fiber optic internet services providers in the Sultanate. Hence, if you are living in Oman and you need a high-seed internet connection, Awasr is a firm worth considering!