Gaming Pokemon GO Update Facing Speed Issue

Pokemon GO Update Facing Speed Issue

Published By News Desk at October 18, 2016 01:12 pm

The latest update of Pokemon GO brought two much-needed features to the game, but also took away one important feature that has left most players unable to play the game anymore. Fans have taken to the internet to let Niantic know that they are not happy, but we doubt the company will listen and respond back fast.

If you have updated Pokemon GO to the latest version, then you may also be suffering from the same problem countless other players are. You see, when you cross a certain speed limit you no longer see any Pokemon spawning near you. Niantic’s latest update to the game has removed the feature of Pokemon spawning for players if they are moving at a speed of 30 miles per hour or more.

This has made players quite mad as most of them tend to catch their favorite Pokemon while on a drive from one place to the other. This may be a good thing for the safety of numerous Pokemon GO players who play the game while driving, even though they are not supposed to, it still does create problems for players who catch critters while on the passenger seat. This means that the warning pop-up that asked players if they were a passenger or not is not going to be of any use anymore.

Let’s not forget that people who use public transportation services, such as trains and buses, will not be able to play this game either if they are travelling more than 30mph. Niantic should look into the matter and do something about it. Many times has the company added one thing and removed the other without letting players know, or even mentioning it in their update specifications.

Let us know below if you are also facing the same issue we are, and whether or not you are happy about it.