Gaming Overwatch: Symmetra Changes Will Take Some Time

Overwatch: Symmetra Changes Will Take Some Time

Published By Blake Audett at October 20, 2016 07:42 am

Blizzard will be releasing a new patch for its game, Overwatch, which will bring quite significant hero changes and iterations. The principal designer of the game, Geoff Goodman, also said that changes to Symmetra would take some time as her modifications are much more significant than the rest of the heroes.

The PTR patch has been regarded by Blizzard as being used in most cases to make sure there are no bugs and glitches once the patch releases. “We want to try a bunch of things and see what's fun and working and iterate more quickly from there,” said Goodman. We do not know what changes are coming for which heroes since no patch notes have been provided, but we can’t wait to find out.

Symmetra will not be going through any alterations in the upcoming patch as her changes require more time. Goodman said: “Her changes ended up being much more significant and require more time to finish up, but she's feeling pretty great internally so hopefully we can get her out there pretty soon.” At this point, it is pretty hard to tell what the developers have in mind for her, but whatever it is; we would like to see them in action soon.

Not many people tend to go with Symmetra whether to defend or attack since she is quite weak. She is also the only support in the game that does not heal any character and instead provides them with shields. Of course, Torbjorn does a way better job at providing armor to the group but unlike him, Symmetra does not need to collect scrap first.

Let us know in the comments below if you are as excited as we are to see more huge changes coming to nearly all the characters in Overwatch. And also whether you think Symmetra changes will make players choose her more in the game.